Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ellen Says Vote No On California Proposition 8


Comrade Kevin said...

Here's hoping it goes down to defeat.

asher said...

Have you ever seen Ellen Degeneris's act? More importantly, why is it she hid her sexuality for the majority of her career?
She was at least 4 tv sitcoms where she played a straight person, 2 movies that I don't remember well (by the way these were all duds. She even blamed the station for her show doing poorly since the lead in show "The Drew Carry Show" was doing so well.

Suddenly she gets this talk show where she pretends to be able to dance, and she can tell us about politics. Folks are entitled to their opinions but most folks don't have a talk show. It is amazing that she hasn't made a point of producing or starring in a tv show or movie where the main character is a practicing lesbian or homosexual. Well, she's worth about 24 million and we wouldn't want to jeapordize that.

Self righteous and selfish...can you get better than that?
Love me
Love me
Love me
I'm a liberal

Phil Ochs

The Candy Man said...

Phil, I'm a liberal and damn proud of it. You social conservatives have ruined this country. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, self-righteous, arrogant old fools.

Anyways, Prop 8 - nice to see this addressed, even on a religious blog. My concern is that (in calling people and talking about it) it seems that not too many people even know what is is. This does not bode well for California.

Tigerboy said...


Where to begin?

I'll start with something I have never done. I have never mentioned spelling to anyone on a blog. It seems trivial and beside the point. However, if you are going to devote an entire post to tearing down a person, try to spell her name correctly. It's the very least you could do.

You feel that Ellen DeGeneres has hidden her sexuality? Really? I think that most people (who have followed her career) think of her as quite a trailblazer. More than a decade ago, she made a decision to come out of the closet while still in production of a successful prime time television show. Name one person, in a similar position, who had done that before she did. I can't think of any.

You called the show a "dud". It ran for 4 seasons and won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing. Hardly a dud.

Many people considered her willingness to come out while starring on a prime time TV show to be quite brave, and others thought it foolhardy. In fact, she nearly lost her career.

If you said that the show wasn't as funny after the coming out episode, as it was earlier, I would agree with you. But overall, the show was quite successful. It was cancelled in 1998, not long after the coming out episode. She lost her popularity. Which is why no one saw her second sitcom, despite it receiving critical praise.

"She was at least 4 tv sitcoms where she played a straight person . . . "

Actually, Ellen DeGeneres has starred in 3 television shows. 2 sitcoms plus her talk show. You seem to have a big problem with her portraying a straight person. Actually, in BOTH sitcoms, she played a lesbian.

I don't know what she played in her movies. I haven't seen them all. I know that in one of her movies she played a blue tropical fish. A person who plays a fictional character is known as an ACTOR. As an actor, Ellen may play a straight person. Actors are allowed to play people, or even blue tropical fish, with characteristics that differ from their own.

"Folks are entitled to their opinions but most folks don't have a talk show."

Do you understand what a talk show is? Not only is she entitled to her opinions, as a person, but as a talk show host, it is part of her *job description* to express her opinions. She is paid to express her opinions.

Also, I find the term "practicing lesbian" interesting. It makes it sound like we choose our sexuality. It suggests that she made a bad choice that you find particularly distasteful. How dare she "practice"? It suggests that the alternative, "non-practicing lesbian", would be better.

It makes it seem as if you would prefer gays to live out lives of quiet, frustrated celibacy.

Sounds nice. Is that the life you've chosen for yourself?

asher said...


Jeez....being gay apparently means never haveing to say you're sorry.

Ellen's tv show was called (among other things) "These Friends of mine" and was trying to rip off the popularity of Seinfeld. The show went through a number of plot and character changes due to the fact that no one was watching it.
However, the gimmick of having Ellen come up was truly a "trailblazing" idea. It was so terrific the show tanked right after that. But we can't go by TV...after all "Married with Children" was on for how long?

Ellen's movies include "The Love Letter" , "Goodbye Love" and the famous "Mr Wrong" whose poster featured Ellen with some sort of expression on her face wearing a bridal gown.

What I was trying to say is that someone with this little talent has certainly gotten very far on one issue. Her talk show is popular since she has more writers than Letterman and rarely broaches the subject of her sexuality.

But you are right. If this Proposition fails this will mean that her marriage to her lover (partner) will be negated. How then can she rationalize the thousands she's wasted on her pre-nup agreement?

However, she will always be the "go to" person when some talking head needs to get the lesbian p.o.v. on some topic.

But once again, if she is so proud of being who she is, how about a tv show or movie where the protagonist is lesbian.....we'd all like to know about the "life" presented in a realistic way, wouldn't we?

Non practicing that a jewish athiest? Giant shrimp?

Give it a rest. Same sex marriage may not change the's just that it's never been tried in the history of civilization. And why is that?

The Candy Man said...

Because of bigots like you, Asher!

Nah. Actually, there are plenty of countries with same-sex marriage, and plenty more with civil unions. And there's a growing number of US states in those boats, too. The tide of history is against you. In a hundred years, you'll just be another person who thought the world was flat.