Monday, September 01, 2008

Palin's Daughter

Besides the cheap (but truthful) shots about abstinence-only education and the correlation between religious fundamentalism and unwed pregnancy, the latest revelation that Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant raises serious questions about Sarah Palin's "family values." She knew that accepting the VP nomination would thrust her daughter, already going through a trying time, into the national news and probably turn her into the butt of late-night television jokes. I have nothing but sympathy for the daughter, who is after all just a kid and not a national political figure, but I can't see how Sarah Palin is okay putting her through all of this.

I guess it does reinforce her anti-abortion cred. It also puts human faces on the abortion debate. Between Palin's new granddaugher and her own recent newborn with Down's, we'll see two adorable (aren't they all?) babies on that national stage that many people would have aborted as fetuses. I'm not sure who that helps, politically, but at least the Palins are wealthy and powerful enough that the children will have all the health care and other services they need. This isn't a 17-year-old who's going to be on her own raising her child, and this won't be a Down's Syndrome baby who wants for all of the various therapies he will need throughout his life.


asher said...

Yeah, like Micheal Moore said, It proves there's a God cause He must have caused Hurricane Gustav to hit just as the Republican Convention began.

JA, nothing like gloating when these things happen. I'm sure I was almost this glad when Rev Jermiah Wright was exposed, Bill Ayers was revealed and Zebco (what's his name?) was federally indicted. But none of these things have affected Obama. True to form,we have to support him no matter what.

Jewish Atheist said...


I did not gloat. Don't be ridiculous.

jewish philosopher said...

Look what Chelsea Clinton went through. That's part of being a major politician's kid.

I don't think McCain is winning in November anyway, so Bristol should have her baby in peace. I wonder who the dad is?

Holy Hyrax said...

>but I can't see how Sarah Palin is okay putting her through all of this.

I usually don't agree with you on anything, but I do this time. Well I am positive things are being set up to help the daughter (assuming she does not marry the father), it still does not take place of a grandmother being there to help out. Let alone now going to be on the national spot light.

I just wish the media would leave them alone...which they won't

Comrade Kevin said...

If Republicans had revealed this about Obama, you can be damn sure they'd make hay out of it. The amusing thing is seeing all these conservative come to her defense and try to excuse away what, in my opinion, was a totally irresponsible action on part of the daughter.

Yes, I am a moralist.

Anonymous said...

The "adorable" babies would have been aborted if they were gay fetuses.

Sorry, they won't be on the national stage. The GOP will get crushed this year, as they should be.

And the father, who calls himself a "f*cking redneck?" He'll marry her because he has to, then he'll leave them and momma, Caribou Barbie, AND her daughter will raise the kid to shoot wolves from airplanes. (Oh yes, Barbie does approve of that.)

Yes Mccain finished in the bottom 1% of his class. Isn't it obvious?

Tigerboy said...

I couldn't care less about Bristol Palin. She's a silly teenager who was very irresponsible about her future. It happens all the time. She's the Jaime Lynn Spears of the Republican National Convention.

Bristol's mom is a Christian, and a Republican, so I'm relatively certain that she's against public funding for sex education. Christians only want such things discussed in the home. I guess she just never got around to discussing it with Bristol. Too busy.

Jamie Lynn and Bristol will both be fine. There is plenty of money around, so they don't need to worry about it.

Are we to believe that John McCain knew about this situation before he chose the PTA mom to be his "one heartbeat away" gal? If this is true, it makes his choice look even more dubious.

McCain passed over many, many highly-qualified people. If he really expected the "we believe this should be treated as a private family matter" line was going to work, in the middle of a presidential campaign, he's totally deluded! There is no such thing as privacy in a presidential campaign. He had to have known that this would be an issue.

By accepting the nomination, Sarah Palin tossed her teenage daughter under the bus. Right at the intersection of "National Campaign Street" and "24 Hour News Avenue." Humiliation on a national stage is so much fun for teenagers.

Is Sarah Palin qualified to take over as our President?

Alaska is a beautiful, vast wilderness. The ENTIRE state has 600,000 people. That's about the same number of people as El Paso, Texas, or Memphis, Tennessee. In the whole state. Over half of the residents of the State of Alaska live in one town. Anchorage. I've spent a lot of time in Anchorage. It's not a big place. There are some gift shops, a few shopping centers, a few movie theaters, some grocery stores, a really fun bar called Humpy's, some restaurants . . . you can pretty much see the whole city in one day, on foot. You have a good chance of seeing a moose. They like to hang out by the airport.

Sarah Palin leap-frogged from the PTA, to the Governor's office, by first winning the "Miss Wasilla" beauty contest. Wasilla, Alaska is a village of less than 8,000 people. It's bigger than Talkeetna, Alaska, the town upon which the TV show "Northern Exposure" was based, but not a whole lot bigger.

From beauty contestant, to Mayor of Wasilla, to Governor of Alaska.

Alaska is the sort of place where such things can happen. If the people of Alaska need a governor, and the state's total population equals that of the Memphis, Tennessee, a PTA mom/beauty contest winner, who rose up to be the most powerful person in the Village of Wasilla, might make a fine choice!

Does that make her McCain's best option to serve the people of this country as our President?

John McCain is 72 years old. He has had 4 bouts of cancer. Is the idea that he might be incapable of completing his term in office so hard to imagine?

In her speech accepting the nomination, Ms.Palin talked about how she fought the "bridge to nowhere." Conservatives love to bring up "the bridge to nowhere" as an example of "shameless wasteful spending." They just never mention that "the bridge to nowhere" was the pet pork project of Senator Ted Stevens, Republican.

McCain's health and judgment are now big questions in this campaign. He made this beauty contest winner his BEST choice to replace him as our President!

But, wait! She was a Mayor! She was elected to be Governor of the City of Anchorage and its vast environs! She and her staff sometimes fly down to Juneau on an eight-seater float plane for big meetings!

Yeah, well, she's only been in that position for a year and a half. History has yet to judge the performance of this first-term Governor of the City of Anchorage. McCain's first decision as a potential occupant of the White House looks totally foolish.

"Country First"? I don't see how he considered the needs of his country at all.

Theresa said...

I don't understand people so upset about the pregnant 17 year old. 17 year old girls have sex sometimes. If she was 14 it would reflect poorly on Palin but 17 year olds can't always be controlled and protected. Birth control isn't 100 percent effective. Maybe Bristol was on it.

I'm sure Bristol was consulted before her mom accepted the position but Bristol is the one who got herself into this position and if she is independent minded I'm sure has the fortitude to deal with the spotlight.

Are you attacking the Palins' for their wealth? It isn't like they were always wealth and they are still no where near the wealth of the other candidates.

Should Cheney not have ran since his daughter is gay and she was thrust into the spot light? Or Gore since his son was a druggy and thrust into the spot light?

scottynx said...

"Besides the cheap (but truthful) shots about abstinence-only education and the correlation between religious fundamentalism and unwed pregnancy"

Is this actually true? Do you have any data you can cite?

Tigerboy said...

I'm not attacking the Palins for their wealth. I'm not attacking the Palins at all.

I'm saying that Sarah Palin's lack of experience makes her totally unsuitable to step into the job of President of the United States, should John McCain become incapacitated.

And, more importantly, that her selection to be in that position demonstrates a shocking lack of judgment on the part of John McCain, this man who claims to be so ready to do the job.

I love the Republican spinners who say that, as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Barack Obama and Joe Biden put together. They've only been senators. So, I guess by that logic, she has more experience than John McCain, too! She has more experience than any of them!

She is also the only one in the race with any experience as "Miss Wasilla." She knows how to wear a tiara and cape, and carry a scepter.

As for Bristol Palin, I'm not in the least bit upset that she is pregnant. As you pointed out, teens have sex. Teens get pregnant. Happens all the time. Good luck to her and her baby.

All I care about is that John McCain has chosen a running mate that reminds people of Harriet Miers and Danforth Quayle.

Now, that's a good time.

jewish philosopher said...

What if McCain ends up marrying Palin? Is that legal?