Monday, October 01, 2007

Short Movie Reviews


Superbad A+

Three unattractive high-schoolers try to get laid before the end of senior year. Hilarious and unbelievably crude. Much better than Knocked Up, which I gave an A.

The Bourne Ultimatum B+

Solid movie in the mold of the first two. I was a little disappointed, but only because the reviews were so great.

The Simpsons Movie B-

It was fun because it's The Simpsons and it's a movie, but it wasn't better than your average episode during the show's heyday.

Transformers B+

Entertaining popcorn movie. Good action, hot girl. Dragged a little towards the end.

The Kingdom B

Kept my attention. Most of the movie was quite good, but some parts were too unrealistic. Great, gritty fight scene with Jennifer Garner and a man twice her size. Nice to see Chris Cooper playing a good guy, even if it's almost the same character he always plays. He was even a little funny.

Good Luck Chuck C-

Dane Cook is kind of charming, but not particularly funny. Jessica Alba is extremely hot, but not a good actress. A few chuckle-worthy moments, but that's about it.

Van Wilder B

Finally got around to watching this on cable. Solid comedy.


Shoemer said...

Notice how the better movies tend to be crude: superbad, Borat, knocked up. This reflects on America! We better than them, but we are knocked up.

Jack's Shack said...

Name dropping moment- One of the writers of Van Wilder is my fraternity brother. There were a few moments that have more of a basis in reality than people realize.