Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Evolution of my Blog

New atheist blogger PhillyChief of You Made Me Say It has tagged me with the Evolutionary Meme. The idea is to pick five posts which reflect the evolution of one's blog and then to pass the meme on to five others.

Going back through the archives, I find that while my blog has evolved over the years (!) that I've run it, most of the themes were present nearly from the beginning. In other words, I, the Creator, created, in the beginning, several "kinds" from which all current posts descend. Macroevolution of this blog's posts is a lie perpetrated by the atheist liberal elite. The only evolution that exists at Jewish Atheist is microevolution, or evolution within "kinds."

Accordingly, all five posts that I will discuss are from 2005, my first year blogging. Each is the first post of it's "kind."

1) My first real post was on May 20, 2005. It was titled Common Questions I - The Cosmological Argument. This introduced the first major theme of my blog: arguments for atheism and/or against theism. This theme has become less prevalent as my break with Orthodox Judaism recedes into my past.

2) Only five days later, on May 25, 2005, I introduced the second major theme of this blog: the downsides of Orthodox Judaism as a culture and a lifestyle. In a post called How Orthodoxy Causes Good Men to do Evil, I used the example of homosexuality to argue that being Orthodox causes... well, you read the title.

3) A few weeks later, on June 15, 2005, I segued neatly into the field of politics with my post Orthodox Jews and the GOP. As my blog has (micro!) evolved and questions of theism and Orthodoxy have become less immediate for me, politics has taken on a bigger and bigger role.

4) Two days after that, on June 17, 2005, I wrote about Malkie Schwartz and the Footsteps organization in the egregiously-long-titled Support for People From Ultra-Orthodox or Chassidic Communities Seeking to Enter or Explore the World Beyond Their Communities. This theme of reaching out to and attempting to help other people leaving Orthodox Judaism has continued to this day.

5) On October 16, 2005, I posted Letter to Dad, which was written by a lesbian to her intolerant, religious father. This was the first post of many about the intersection of homosexuality, religion, and politics, which has become something of a pet cause of mine.


I hereby tag XGH, because whose blog has evolved more entertainingly?; Andrew Sullivan, because his views have evolved so interestingly; Chana at The Curious Jew, because her blog has tracked her maturation from floundering teen to sophisticated college student; Mark at Pseudo-Polymath, because I missed his first couple of years; and the fellas at 2blowhards, because their blog has evolved so well.


jewish philosopher said...

I think you have a problem with Jewish values basically because we do not mimic whatever everyone else is doing, which is how atheists formulate morality. We have God given rules and stick with them.

Had you lived a century ago, no doubt you would have been a racist who considered blacks to be barely human and homosexuals to be perverts, as did other atheists of that period.

Holy Hyrax said...

>As a result, many homosexuals from Orthodox families run away from home, develop emotional problems, are ostracised from their families and communities, or commit suicide.

I don't think any of us have good statistics, but the movie Trembling infront of God really show how the homosexuals coming from different backgrounds relate to judaism. The ones from chassidish backgrounds left due to them being thrown out of the home. The ones from more MOish orthodoxy stayed with judaism.

Anonymous said...

Holy hyrax, ... and rav eliyashiv continued learning in the safety of his home.

Jewish Philosopher, he probably would. However, had you been living 100 years ago you wouldn't be using a cell phone. It's called progress man, progress. In light of the above, stop wasting your time in orthodoxy and become a homosexual atheist.

Anonymous said...

your post on how orthodox jews vote republican because they are conditioned to accept authoritarian explanations (from bush, or from rush limbaugh) rather than get facts for themselves is the worst kind of bunk.

They shared his views on combating terrorism before he ran for office and arrived at those views because of their preoccupation w/ israel. americans discovered terrorism on 9/11; those following israeli politics - and OJs are more likely than other Jews to identify with israel, have relatives living there etc - understood it and had formulated an approach to it earlier. Bush came around to their views, not the other way around.

similarly, they are conservative on social values like bush is.

not to mention that they support specific policies, like faith based programs, tuition tax credits for private schools etc that bush favored
but you skip all this and rush to "rush limbaugh told them how to vote"

such projection. You accept dogmatically the enlightened opinion that conservatives or bush supporters are authoritarian and run with it. Do you think for yourself that you can spout such claptrap? That post was really pathetic.

Jewish Atheist said...


You're right. I wouldn't make that argument today.

jewish philosopher said...

"It's called progress man, progress."

It's just called doing whatever everyone else is doing. Is killing unborn children progress? It's hard to say. And what if in another century killing elderly people is legalized.

littlefoxling said...

lol. very funny

Holy Hyrax said...


you lost me.

Anonymous said...

JA: now that's evolution/ progress! :)