Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sidebar Updated

I cleaned it up and added a few new skeptic blogs:
  • Abandoning Eden - A poignant new blog by the commenter I highlighted here. Be sure to check out the letters to and from her Orthodox father regarding her dating a non-Jew.
  • The Journey Off is a blog by a frum girl who no longer believes.
  • Safkanut is by an arch-skeptic who remains Orthodox in practice and is looking for reasons to believe, albeit without much hope.

(Edited to add a few I forgot. Sorry guys!!)
  • Lubab no more is the blog of an ex-Lubovitcher who is a heretic on the inside and a Modern Orthodox Jew on the outside.
  • Ba'al Tshuvas Anonymous is run by a ba'al teshuva (formerly non-Orthodox Jewish person who became Orthodox) who has become a skeptic.
  • Failed Messiah is guy who brings needed attention to a lot of the problems that are swept under the rug by the Orthodox communities. Here's what he believes and don't miss his story of attempting to get Chabad to help Ethiopian Jews


Ezzie said...

LOL on the placement of XGH. :) (I never noticed if it was there before.)

Jewish Atheist said...

Hehe, I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to say about it.

GoingGoingGone said...

Thanks for the link!

Skeptodox said...

Thank you!

Lubab No More said...

Thanks for the link Jewish Atheist!

Anonymous said...

I was raised a Christian but I am friends with many Jews. For a long time, I never thought anything of our supposed religious differences. That is, until I started reading about how the Israelis operate. I was very saddened to learn how Isrealis treat Palestinians, and I was ever more saddened to learn that my Jewish friends - each of whom is a very liberal person - defended Israeli actions, no matter how brutal.

The "problem" with Judaism is that Jews don't really believe in God anymore, and Zionism, a political philosophy, has replaced a religion. I love the Jews, but God and life are bigger than a piece of land.

These beliefs, in my opinion, are immutable and apply to all human beings. The incessant focus on money and power within the culture is also the source of angst. Jews have been sold a bill of good by their leaderhship, imho.

Bobby said...

No, the source of angst are your own superstitions and stereotypes.

Danon said...

" the Israelis operate..".

I like how you first state that you're friends with many Jews.

U know what saddens me? That you haven't looked into history a bit further and be saddened how for many many years Jews were treated by Christians.

abandoning eden said...

thanks for the plug! :)