Monday, August 27, 2007

Lots o' Links

  • Congrats to super-blogger and columnist Andrew Sullivan and new J-blogger Skeptodox, who are getting married! (Not to each other.)
  • According to the AP, Americans blowing the whistle on corruption in Iraq are vilified, fired, demoted, and jailed.
  • Ted Nugent (video) brandishes machine guns on stage, tells Obama and Hillary to "suck on this." Calls him a "piece of shit," her a "worthless bitch." Crowd goes wild.
  • Chutzpah, n. Teg Haggard, disgraced hypocritical self-hating homophobe, who will receive $138,000 this year from the settlement with his church, who owns a house that's worth over $700,000 dollars, is requesting donations so that he and his wife can go to school full-time and provide counseling at a half-way house.
  • It's been 50 years since one student opened a Quran during his public high school's mandatory Bible study time, leading to the landmark Supreme Court case banning school-sponsored prayer.
  • The Friendly Atheist asks how atheist parents should approach their religious children.


Skeptodox said...

Man! What do I need to do to become a super blogger too?

Jewish Atheist said...

Try getting a post at The Atlantic Monthly. ;-)

Keebo said...
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Thinker said...

JA, do you think prayer might be useful psychologically because it gives a person something called in psychology - perceived control of the environment. If at all times one feels in control of what's going on (because one can pray hard and possibly resolve any problem) then doesn't one live a less stressed more secure life. And if a secular person wants to achieve the same and makes up some non-theistic fantasy myth for himself, then what has he gained by rejecting one fantasy (god) and embracing another (nature, star-trek, whatever ...) ? Perhaps Ecclesiastes was unto something, "For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief." Possession of the truth is a recipe for pain. And if so, what do we sacrifice, truth or happiness?

thinker said...

Maybe one can seek relief in a life of contemplation and asceticism, just like Ecclesiastes says, "vanity of vanities ... all is vanity". But then one can't be worldly, vigorous, and competitive in the market place.

asher said...

Hillary Clinton claims another terrorist attack on the US would be bad cause it would give an edge to the Republican in the next election.....(citations)

Barak Obama has no problem engaging in conversation with despotic rulers or unleashing atomic bombs ....or er, well he didn't say it...or he did

Barney Frank claims that Larry Craig's antics in a public bathroom are no reason for him to resign (citations)

Air America goes off the air due to lack of listenership and the fact that Al Franken has no sense of humor or personality. (citations)

BBC reports that it's coverage of the Israeli Palestinian sitation is slanted. What a surprise! (citations)

Keebo said...
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Jewish Atheist said...


So, which "Ted" is more offensive?

Well, one Ted was a disgusting bigot about only 3 people or so, who are after all public figures. I'd say Haggard's more offensive, since he effectively attacked the entire gay community.


I think prayer can definitely help the person praying. Secular people can meditate or contemplate as well.


Really have no idea what you're getting at. Perhaps it would be helpful if you were more clear and less sarcastic (in general.)