Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disturbing Quote of the Day: Intermarriage

Eliahu Levenson at Beyond BT:
Jewish men must leave their non-Jewish wives. No “gett” (Jewish divorce decree) is required because God does not recognize Jewish intermarriage. AND, because the women were not Jewish, meaning the children were also NOT JEWISH, the children are being left behind as well. If you think that is harsh, understand that God expects His Jewish Covenant to be adhered to in every respect. God says it is life and death…”CHOOSE LIFE!” (Devarim 30:19)

Devarim is Deuteronomy in Hebrew.


nachman fun breslov inc. said...

I still don't get what's so wonderful about being jewish. You are persecuted and hated. As for children, you'd be doing your children a big favor by bringing them into the world as non-jews. That's the whole reason why Judaism needs to protect it's ethnicity from intermarriage and assimilation: it sucks so much that people want out of it. Everything wants to live, to survive, to perpetuate itself - Judaism as well. But nobody makes a religion out of national perpetuation. Only Jews are infected with that meme, and some african tribes.

G said...

Just to clarify, only the final two words "Choose Life" are from Devarim 30:19.
The rest of the paragraph is personal commentary which may or may not be legitimate.

Lubab No More said...

Yet another example of people using God's Authority to act in immoral ways.

"Abandon your children, it's The Will of GOD!"

Of course I doubt this kind of behavior ever actually occurs in this Black/White way.

Fire and brimstone... ugh.

Skeptodox said...

"But nobody makes a religion out of national perpetuation. Only Jews are infected with that meme, and some african tribes."


jewish philosopher said...

First of all, Jewish men are not allowed to marry non-Jewish women in the first place. Secondly, if he did, why would he later change his mind about it and leave her? Thirdly, even if he did, how many of those couples would have anyway divorced within a few years?

I would be surprised if more than 10 families have ever in recorded history been broken because of this religious requirement.

Anonymous said...

Devarim is Deuteronomy in Hebrew.
How about Deuteronomy is an English translation of a Greek misinterpretation of Devarim?

Nachman etc inc said...

Skeptodox, in Islam a husband can marry whomever he wants and the lady becomes Muslim by automatically. Notice how every other religion adapted and evolved in such a way as to spread itself to as many minds as possible. Only Jews find a virtue in being small, hated and exclusive.

Jack's Shack said...

Oy, this guy's post is obnoxious.

DK said...

Jack is correct. This was an exceptionally paranoid essay. Check out the author's comments also -- he sscribes anti-Semitic motives to the non-Jewish spouse.

This is seriously foul.

Elaine said...

What do you think it never happened that in the middle of a heated argument between a jewish spouse and a non-jewish spose that the non-jewish spouse mentioned the jewishness as something negativ: "you and your jewish family", or "youo jews are all ..."? It happened. I've heard stories.

Raphael said...

This commentary on Devarim 30 derives no from support from the text itself. The writer should beg forgiveness from HaShem for perverting His word. Our (Jewish) insistence that the spiritual identity of a child derives from the mother is entirely unscriptural. The life is in the blood, and the blood, as modern science confirms, is transmitted from the father, not the mother. Our ancient fore-fathers knew this, and always reckoned geneology through the male line. Where and when did this change, that the line should be determined by the woman? I suspect it is because, as women raise children, they are the primary transmitters of culture. Shame on Jewish men that they let the teaching of what it is to be Jewish (spirituality) fall to the women. Back to the issue: The writer of the commentary errs because he does not understand the scriptures. Even the very verse under consideration, Devarim 30:19, if read to the end, would show the error, "...choose life, that thou may livest, thou and THY SEED." Even if a Jewish man has children with a goyish woman, it is still HIS seed, and the children are still HIS children. To abandon them would be a sin against HaShem.

Deuterostome said...

Didn't Abraham had non-Jewish wives? (Hagar and Keturah).
Moses and the Kushite woman
Solomon and his multitude of wives
Advising the abandonemnt of one's family is a more egregious chillul Hashem than eating a ham sandwich on Yom Kippur in front of a statue of Ba'al, in mh opinion.