Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fundamentalist Jews and Muslims Unite!

Finally, something they can agree on:

Arutz Sheva: Rabbis Sit With Sheikhs to Deplore Gay Parade in Jerusalem

Stopping the Gay Pride Parade: Rabbis and Sheikhs held a joint press conference, and Jerusalem City Councilwoman Mina Fenton gathered hundreds of signatures at the World Zionist Congress session.


Rabbi Yehuda Levin, of the Brooklyn-based Jews for Morality organization, is now in Israel for the express purpose of trying to stop the parade from happening. He led a press conference on Monday, together with Israeli-Arab MK Sheikh Tzartzur, Rabbi Menachem Fruman and others, calling for a "hudna" [ceasefire] in the current Israeli-PA conflict in order to fight a common battle for traditional values.


Though several international news agencies showed up, Rabbi Levin expressed great disappointment that Al-Jazeera and others were not among them. "It's important for us to get this message out to the Moslem world," he said, "for several reasons. Their enthusiastic cooperation in this matter can be very helpful in convincing the police that there is a security risk involved in allowing the parade to be held." Rabbis from Italy, Russia and Venezuela also participated, as did Sheikhs Tamimi and Hamed Bitawi by phone.

Got to love those religious values.

(Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars.)


asher said...

I missed your point, JA. You mean if these religious people have a point of view you don't want them to express it? Or are you simply making fun of them cause you are opposed to their ideas?

A recent film was released called "Facing the Giants". It's a no nudity, no profanity, no violence movie about a coach of a high school football team who finds inner courage through his religion beliefs. However, the good folks at the film rating board decided to give it a GP rating rather than a G rating because of the films "religious overtones" Gotta love those free speech folks.

Jewish Atheist said...


I find it ironic that the two groups who perhaps hate each other the most can come together in hatred of a third group. The fundy Jews set aside the fact that the fundy Muslims want them dead or pushed into the sea and the fundy Muslims set aside their beliefs that the Jews are ruining the world and murdering children. And what's the great cause? Did they realize that we're ultimately all brothers, all human? No, they just both think gay people are more of a threat than each other is. Sheer lunacy.

It'd be like if the Bloods and Crips put aside their differences to fight... I don't know, a new flavor of donut at Krispy Kreme.

CyberKitten said...

JA said: It'd be like if the Bloods and Crips put aside their differences to fight... I don't know, a new flavor of donut at Krispy Kreme.

Ah, The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend.....


Maybe the CIA can fake some documents saying that Osama is gay... that'd destroy Al Quaida
no problem...!

Random said...

"In 1933 Joseph Stalin introduced a new criminal code that made homosexuality a crime punishable by five years of hard labor. The Soviet government treated homosexuality as crime against the state akin to espionage."

From here

Got to love those atheist values. Still, at least he didn't use free speech to protest a parade or anything...

Jewish Atheist said...


That's actually not a bad idea. :-)


Stalin didn't oppose homosexuality because he was an atheist.

Random said...

JA, you can't possibly know that. It's an objective fact that virtually every country in the last 100 years that has instituted atheism as a philosophy of government has also at some point criminalised homosexuality - one can be forgiven for thinking these events are not wholly coincidental.

My broad brush statement was every bit as legitimate as yourse, and if you found it irritating and inaccurate I suggest you might like to rethink your own words.

Jewish Atheist said...


The Bible says that homosexuals should be killed. If an atheist happens to be against homosexuality, it's not because he's an atheist.

Anonymous said...

As a 21-year-old gay atheist Jewish Israeli, I must say that I am shocked to see these two rival factions join forces in order to oppress a third group which is solely defined by one or two properties of its individuals: sexual orientation and/or sexual identity.

However I basically believe that homophobia, like racism, is not an artifact of religion, but rather an artifact of primitive human behavior of rejecting the different and using it as a common enemy in pursuit for power. The problem worsens when this behavior is embedded in an undisputable framework like religion, or atheist ideologies like communism. I know a lot of young hetrosexual religious people (but not orthodox) who are more liberal than many seculars I know.

The day these properties will be regarded by social concensus just as any other property such as hair color is inevitable. It is basically the same saga that women, blacks and other minority groups have been through.

It will happen again, especially when statistics say that some relatively large portion of your friends, family and your other loved ones have a sexual attraction to the same sex. In this time people will ask themselves how the previous generation could have been that ignorant.

I just hope that it will still happen in my lifetime.

Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof said...

JA then why would an atheist be anti-homosexual? Religious people at least have a reason.

Secondly the bible isn't anti-homosexual as you are aware. It is anti-homosexual sex. I know you are aware of this. Also do you know of a time a homosexual was actually executed by a Jewish court. White Hick Christians lynch anyone they don't like (Blacks, Jews, Latinos, Homosexuals etc.) so I won't ask about that because they have murdered homosexuals, which indeed was vile.Instead I will ask as I did above when in recorded Jewish history was a homosexual killed for being such?

Anonymous said...

hey ja - this is not so much comment as a thankyou for existing - was idley google whacking and typed in fundamentalist athiest to find listing of every kind of extreme bigotry imaginable

so good to see some sanity in a mad world - atheism isn't so much something that jews and moslims can agree on as something any rational person taking a vaguely evidence based view of the universe has to embrace.

once we cut out the religeous crap - always the biggest institutional cause of human suffering throughout history - and get on withthe business of being people in some kind of humanistic moral framework we've got a chance - thanks for putting up such an interesting site

Jewish Atheist said...


Thanks for the words and thanks for stopping by. :-) Keep coming and come up with a nickname so we can recognize you!