Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Deeply Disturbing: A New Generation of Praying Children

Wow. At first I thought this was an over-the-top parody. But it seems genuine. It was originally created and posted by a woman going by the name of Hidden in Him. I don't know who the preaching child is, but I'm scared for her. And of her.

Says the creator of the video:
I got the mp3 of the children praying on Fire on the Altar.....I used the mp3 to make the video....These children possess a complete abandonment to Holy Spirit....A passion and a fire to run into the arms of Jesus without dely....They are zealous for more of him....This is what true worship is all about....This is worshipping in spirit and in truth...This is what loving your enemies, neighbors, brothers and sisters, the lost, dying is all about.....Who will stand in the gap? Who will cry out for the lost? If we won't, he will find someone who will....even if it is a two year old, a four year old, an eight year old, or a twelve year old.....Isaiah the prophet told us...."And a little child will lead them all." Let's take their lead and follow them on this journey of pouring ourselves out in intercession before the Lord of Glory!

Religion can be a scary, scary thing.

(via Religious Freaks, via Bacon Eating Atheist Jew.)


Kyaroko said...

I can't install the necessary upgrade for Flash Player on my work computer and I'm a little afraid to go home and see the video for myself. I've seen and heard some freaky shit though, growing up as I did in the buckle of the bible belt. My mother is fond of her experiences being "slain in the spirit". It is all batshit insane and scared me even as a child. Scares me more now.

Jewish Atheist said...


Sorry, I can't do anything about the format.

I'll give you a summary, though: Lots of photos of kids praying, with a voiceover of a very, very scary, tearful sermon by what sounds like an eight-year-old girl. Also, some upbeat music plays throughout.

Ezzie said...

Why are you so threatened by this?

Jewish Atheist said...

1) She sounds seriously disturbed emotionally. That can't be good for a kid.

2) If she can be so completely and passionately convinced of such a scary and intense form of Christianity, what else could she be convinced of? Bombing abortion clinics? An Inquisition? Plain old Christian Supremacy? Sure, she could turn out to be a Mother Theresa, but it probably depends on who's guiding her.

It's just scary.

Ezzie said...

1) I've heard kids who are just as scary about all kinds of things completely unrelated to religion. She's passionate, but that could also be a put-on because she was being taped. Kids love attention.

2) That has nothing to do with religion. That nut in CA's kid claimed to be some specific type of agnostic with all these 'beliefs'. Is that any different from a religious nut? No. It's just under a different name.

Laura said...


I think what's scary about this isn't the religion, it's the fervor. She's being robbed of her childhood. Children are supposed to play, and be happy, and go to school - not become emotionally disturbed by one vision of one religion - obviously implanted by her parents and community and who are exploiting her as a political tool. It's no different than when parents bring kids to Abortion rallies or to KKK rallies... those are places for adults. Children do not have the critical thinking capacity to really consider their full options and all sides of an issue (hell, some adults can't do that).

I have no problem with parents who bring their kids to church. But to indoctrinate your child with such a scary, apocalyptic version of religion is no different than teaching Palestinian children that Jews are pigs and to strap bombs to their chests because there's no other way.

Children are impressionable. This type of religious dogma teaches children hatred and fear of what is different, rather than to try and understand and connect with others.

Juggling Mother said...

I thought these bits were particularly scary

"If we are whipped, beaten, stoned or crucified it is good and your will"


"We don't need sport, clothes, houses or food, we just need your love"

That is no way to teach your child to see the world!

Ezzie said...

I think what's scary about this isn't the religion, it's the fervor.

Oh, I agree. I just don't think that has anything to do with religion. The same fervor exists among the far-left, as well - your abortion rally example is perfect.

billynoshoes said...


lliltiger said...

I thick the only reason this seems scary to some is it's so true what's happening in the world and we choose to look the other way because it's less painful and easier to ignore then to step up and do the right thing. Yes we read revelation's and it's scary but after I really thought it over and over I am less scared than I have ever been in my life, I look forward to what god teaches us in the Bible coming true but I only prey it could be different. And it could be but we won’t make it happen because we are too scared to confront and face the evil head on. If we could come together and help, prey and push hard God would not let all the bad thing's he rote happen but he knows as well as us that the chance's of us turning things around are very, very slim. but I'll keep praying for all of us not to be scared that just because of thing's like this video some child is going to blow up an abortion clinic but that all of us not be scared to fallow Jesus’ word and face life and not bury our heads and ignore it. Ultimately I know inside all of us want the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe some of you guys getting on here. SHE IS NOT SCARED! She's more spiritually mature that alot of adults I know. She's not going to BOMB an abortion clinic. She's not going to do anything that would HURT other people. It's not that she's angry or upset with people!!! That's what so many people think Christianity is about and IT IS NOT!!! That cry is a cry of being desprite because she knows the fate of people and she's praying trying to save them from that fate. You people get on here and rave about "this religion" and all that. THIS LITTLE GIRL NOT ONCE MENTIONS ANYTHING ABOUT RELEGION!!! In fact, the ONLY mentioning she has is that she want to TEAR down the walls of religion. She is not being robbed of her childhood. I'm sure she has fun when she's not praying!! That was inside of a church when that was recorded and you have no clue what she does outside!And Juggling mother, open your eyes! This child says these things not because she WANTS to give up these things or because she wants to be beattin but because SHE WANTS TO BE CLOSE TO GOD and she will do whatever it takes to do that. Even before jesus was crucified, he was in the garden praying and he was asking Jesus if there was ANYOTHER WAY!! Because he didn't want to get beatin to the point where his own mother didn't recognize him, but he did it anyway because that was God's Will. And I'm extremely thankful for that! And as far as the Jewish Atheist goes, #1 Once upon a time Jews were God's chosen people and had a special place in God's heart. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your putting a horrible name to other Jews. This form of Christianity is NOT scary. It's just intense. And that's what Jesus asked for. That we be crazy for him. I wish I could have been there when David started dancing for God! So much that his clothes fell off. So people are so passionate about God that they wanna live it, hold it, speak it, and BREATHE him! I still to this day think it is amazing that the creator of all things and the King of King and the Lord of Lords calls me HIS FRIEND.