Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Just one of thousands of American deaths from this war. There have been hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths as a result of this war. We still mourn the 60,000 Americans dead in Vietnam and we should mourn the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese dead as well.

This war is, like Vietnam was, a tragedy of proportions humans cannot understand. We can't comprehend hundreds of thousands of deaths. How many widows and widowers and fatherless or motherless children left behind, how many brothers and sisters one sibling short. How many loves not found and late-night conversations not had, how many meals not eaten and beers not drunk, how many afternoon walks not taken and laughs not shared. How many men in wheelchairs, how many homeless vets, how many damaged psyches.

I feel grief for the dead and anger towards those who started this war and hopelessness at our inability to stop this one or prevent the next one.

May we remember our dead by finding a way to prevent future deaths.


asher said...

Only 4,000 american dead and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens gone? And the Iraqi people have no intention of kicking us out? I wonder how many of Al Quida we got.....5 or 6?

avian30 said...

For the record, the Vietnam government estimated in 1995 that more than 3 million Vietnamese were killed as a result of the Vietnam War, and nearly 2 million of them were civilians.

As bad as the Iraq war is, the Vietnam War was far worse (for other reasons as well).