Monday, April 14, 2008

Link Roundup

Abandoning Eden is thrilled to be moving in with her (non-Jewish) boyfriend, but doesn't know when, if, or how to tell her parents, who frankly sound pretty scary. She also has a post about protecting her parents from reality. Congrats and good luck, AE!

The Holy Hyrax has a fascinating post examining various ways that Arachim censored their version of the Venetian Haggaddah, originally printed in 1609. Bare arms and the man in the moon? Censored. Disturbing racial imagery? No problem.

Beyond BT has a typically mirror-world (to us skeptics) post about having the seder without extended family.

DovBear thinks the rabbis are right to be scared of blogs.

XGH is back and required reading, as always. Even DBS is back, albeit with only two posts so far.


dbs said...

Only two posts! Terrific, I'm back a week and already behind the eightball. Anyway, it's great to be back & thanks for the link.

Holy Hyrax said...

>Disturbing racial imagery? No problem.

With all due fairness, nothing should be censored no matter anyones sensitivities, which you might agree.

Its interesting but racial things, are sometimes censored while "tzniut" is not.

Just interesting.

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