Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary's Really Starting to Piss Me Off

Tip o' the hat to Stephen.


Anonymous said...

the only thing irritating is the morons in the media drunk on the empty obama hype.

Stephen said...

OK, you aren't impressed by Obama. But about that word "only": there's no legitimate cause for irritation in Clinton's shameless two-faced posturing?

G said...

Where is the contradiction?

As far as policy they are almost exactly the same and so would most likely work well together.

One can say that he is not cut out to be no.1 while admitting he would be a bang-up assistant.

Like saying someone is not ready to be a first-choice head coach but is qualified to be an assistant and emergency back-up.

Jewish Atheist said...


Shouldn't the VP be ready to take over if necessary from day 1? Her whole message lately is that he's not ready.

Orthoprax said...

It's a brilliant political maneuver. Convince enough undecided voters that if they vote for Hillary then they could get Obama too and you've got a nice piece of political leverage.

Anonymous said...

they are very different, esepcially on foreiogn policy which is much to obama's detriment.
Hillary at least understands, especially when it comes to iran. naive obama does not.
she has understanding on all fronts due to her unique exposure over the years and especially in the senate.
Obama is a pep rally coach that has sweet talked his way into peoples hearts over nothing but sweet talk.
Her double speak is plainly illustrating the differences between ther two when it comes to qualifications for the top spot. as if to say that if he goes for the number 2 he can have the exposure and learning experience he needs to go for the tops spot in 8 years.

G said...

Shouldn't the VP be ready to take over if necessary from day 1? Her whole message lately is that he's not ready.

-Yes, if you live in a world of complete literality and totally ignore the reality of probabilities.

The reality is that he will with all likelyhood NOT have to be ready on day 1 or day 100.

It's as simple as saying that he is not one's first choice to head things up but is still worth having around in a position of influence.

Comrade Kevin said...

It just wouldn't work.

Both want to lead and neither wants to follow.

Anonymous said...

Why is Hillary pissing you off? She is only telling the truth here; she has more of the experience necessary to assume the role as President of the United States.

Anonymous said...

Only just starting to? Where have you been the last 16 years? Still, at least you're starting to understand what conservatives feel. There is more joy in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth, and all that:-)

Anon at 12:23AM - it's still a foolish argument to use. Experience may be an argument to beat Obama with, but there is no way that Clinton does not lose to John McCain on that score, and by running so hard with it now she's simply legitimising the Republican attacks that will come in the autumn.


Laura said...

I am getting tired of the political sniping. It's bad come November, when Clinton positions herself, followed by McCain, and THEN Obama as best choice on foreign policy. Aren't they both on the same team???

I really find it irritating when the Clinton campaign tries to use her experience as first lady as an argument for why she's more ready. She had no security clearance, was merely a figurehead, and did not effect any substantial policies during her tenure. That's like saying I'm experienced enough to be a Football coach because I sat in the stands for 8 years.

Get real - she has only a few more years experience than Obama because when you get right down to it, shaking hands with dignitaries on a good-will trip at Bill's side is not foreign policy experience.

Taken as a whole, Obama has more political experience than she does because he was a state senator for about 10 years.

Anonymous said...

State seantor is hardly cutting edge politics though, and it should be pointed out that Obama has never fought a genuinely tough campaign against a serious opponent before (and no, Alan Keyes is not a serious figure) - a lack of experience that has tended to show recently. Whatever you say about the Clintons, you can hardly deny that cut-throat politics is something they have plenty of experience of.

But yes, the general point holds. As I read on another blog (can't remember where, sorry) - if Hillary Clinton is experienced enough to be present, then Yoko Ono is a Beatle...


Random said...

Aargh, to be president of course. And it was such a nice line too!