Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pictures of the Creation Museum

Via MetaFilter, pictures from Zachary Lynn. Unfortunately, Mr. Lynn didn't get any pictures of the scene where children and dinosaurs coexist, but the following picture made me smile:

(n.b. This was photoshopped to put the two signs together.)

Explicitly contrasting "human reason" with "God's word?" If these people had been in charge of my religious education, I would have been an atheist by age 8.


beepbeepitsme said...

I am only glad that Ken Ham decided to join his religious fundamentalists in the US, or the Creation Museum would have been here.

ClooJew said...

You need to do a lot more convincing before, lulei demistafina, I'll believe you're an athiest.

jewish philosopher said...

I think Christians do tend to see religion and science, or faith and reason, as two separate and valid ways of making decisions. Personally, I disagree. I go with reason all the way.

Laura said...

I'm just aghast and dumbfounded. You know what we need? A private museum of our own professing the history of the world according to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It'd be just as valid.

Half Sigma said...

Seems to me that the religionists concede that the theory of evolution is based on "reason."

Their point, probably, is that God put the evidence there to test our faith, or that Satan put the evidence there to deceive us.

This is the most rational way of contrasting science with blind belief in the Word of the Bible.