Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Al Sharpton on Mormons

And as for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyways. So don't worry about that -- that's a temporary... uh, that's a temporary situation.

YouTube, via Andrew Sullivan.

Yes, Reverend. Mormons don't really believe in God. They're just a group of closet atheists (gasp!) attempting to win good Christians over to the dark side.


Intergalactic Hussy said...

Wow...that's good to know. Thanks!

It's sort of funny how intolerant religious people are towards other religions (whether similar at all or not).

Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting that Al Sharpton can make bigotted remarks and the media doesn't give it much play, but if someone makes racists remarks Mr. Sharpton makes sure the media is all over it.

This is America and it was founded on religous freedom but I suppose Mr. Sharpton reserves that RIGHT only for those that believe like him.

Scott said...

The statement doesn't even really make sense. What does it mean to "really" believe in god? It'd make more sense if he said that they believe in the "right" god. Not that it'd be any better, but at least it would make sense.

Either way, Sharpton is a fool and should be ignored if at all possible.

dbackdad said...

That's pretty funny. I have no idea what Al was even trying to say. I'm certainly not a defender of Mormons (probably the furthest from it) but his statement shows a lack of understanding of the Mormon religion.

Sadie Lou said...

What have I always said about people that claim to know the will of God or the hearts of men?
Sharpton *sigh* Thanks for nuthin'.

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton is one of the most vile men in politics. It's as if the lefties saw that the Right-Wing had cornered the market on hate and they decided to bring in Sharpton as a last, desperate attempt to catch up. (Sorry, the conservatives still win.)

However, I think this comment is being slightly misinterpreted--although both the correct and incorrect versions represent an execrable message of hate and disgust.

I think that Reverend misspoke slightly. I think what he meant to say is that Mormons don't believe in the real God, not that they don't have some wacky theism of their own.

Message to both President Bush and Al Sharpton (one being much more evil than the other): Syntax matters, muthafukka!


Half Sigma said...

From Al's perspective, the one true God is the Christian God, and someone who believes in some other god that's not the one of the Bible doesn't really believe in God, instead he believes in a false idol.

Christians believe that God created everything, while Mormons believe that the god of the bible was once a man living on the planet Kolob. Clearly different gods.