Monday, April 16, 2007

JIB Nominations are Open!

The Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards are accepting nominations until Thursday. Please go nominate blogs and posts you think worthy. I've already nominated a few blogs, including my own. :-) If you think of any specific posts of mine that deserve to be nominated, though, I'd be honored.

Velveteen Rabbi
links to Richard at Tikun Olam who thinks the JIBs will be less slanted to the right this year thanks to better leadership and the creation of separate categories for things like "left-wing political" and "Jewish skepticism." It's kind of an embarrassment to the Jewish people when Little Green Footballs runs away with the JIBs, in my opinion.


Ezzie said...

If anything, based on the nominations so far, it's more slanted to the left!

I think it's good to separate out the two sides, period - even as we keep them together. We've had a lot less bickering and complaining so far. I think that those on the right and left may find blogs they enjoy a bit more on either side by perusing the lists as well.

Jewish Atheist said...


you need to take into account reality's well-known liberal bias. ;-)

Ezzie said...

True, true, O Colbert fan. :)

richards1052 said...

Yes, I thought the role played by LGF in previous JIB competitons was ridiculous. How could they not win with 100 times more readers than the largest Jewish blog.

I wouldn't say the competition this yr. is slanted to the left. But it is more balanced & more diverse thanks to the fact that a committee is doing this yr's awards rather than a single, quite partisan individual as in the past. And thanks to the fact that some of us have nominated a lot more progressive Jewish blogs than were ever nominated in the past.