Thursday, February 22, 2007

5000 years of religion in 90 seconds

This has been going around the blogs. Interesting visualization of the history of religion in the modern world.

From the looks of it, people carefully weigh all their options before objectively picking the "correct" faith. [/sarcasm]


Laura said...

It's ironic that Christianity is depicted as the color Blue in the U.S. :P

asher said...

Yes that Jewish expansionism in the Middle East is a true comment on the history of religion. Israel looks like a matchbook caught in the middle of a football this has anything to do with religion shows a great bias.

Ayal Rosenthal said...

Poor Japan, Shinto got classified simply as Buddhism. I'm also a little disappointed that Communism doesn't show up.

Resh Lakish said...

Overall, very impressive. I think it's a little bit biased towards religions that are still significant today (i.e. the monotheistic 3 + Buddhism + Hinduism) -- what about Zoroastrianism, which was extremely influential, the state religion of Persia, and had a major effect on the 3 monothestics? And Mithraism, which gave Christianity a run for its money in Roman times. Or Roman and Greek classical religions, for that matter.

But still, quibbling aside, pretty good effort.