Thursday, January 18, 2007

News Roundup: Good Things Happen to Bad Pundits; DEA Overrules California; Bush Retreats on Wiretaps

  • LeisureGuy quotes the LA Times story about what the DEA is doing under the supposed party of federalism:
    Federal agents Wednesday raided 11 medical marijuana outlets in Los Angeles County, seizing several thousand pounds of processed drug, hundreds of marijuana plants, an array of guns and bagfuls of cash...

    The action by federal agents angered some local officials and was taken despite a state law permitting possession and cultivation of marijuana for qualified medical patients.

  • Bloggers everywhere are wondering why pundits are rewarded for being wrong over and over again.

  • Bush retreats on warrantless wiretaps.


LT said...

The bottom line:

Punditry isn't about the message, and never has been. It's always been about one-line zingers and fancy packaging. Don't expect this to change anytime... ever.

Foilwoman said...

Meritocracy: Where you get kudos for the rest of your life based on where you plagiarized and cheated your way into college? Or if Anne Coulter and Sean Hannity have merited anything other than my complete and utter loathing, it's news to me.

Anonymous said...

DEA doesn't overrule California. It's the other way around. California is trying to overrule federal law. No can do.

Ichabod Chrain (formerly Another Anon)