Friday, November 17, 2006

Introducing: Ask a Jewish Atheist

So I was joking around with a friend that it would be fun to have an advice column called "Ask a Jewish Atheist." It occurs to me that this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it, so why not? :-) E-mail me any questions and I'll be happy to answer them in a future post. If you want to remain anonymous, please provide a nickname and I won't reveal your identity.

To be clear, I'm looking for people who want advice about their personal lives, not questions about atheism or Judaism per se. Also, I have no qualifications whatsoever.


XGH said...

Here's my question: How do you knoe God doesn't exist?

OK, that was a joke. My real question is, what happened to Romantic Mode?

Jewish Atheist said...

OK, that was a joke. My real question is, what happened to Romantic Mode?

Yeah, I need to work on that. Actually, this "column" would probably be better suited there anyway.

asher said...

Dear JA,

If most gay men admit to having had sex with women at least once; how can you not claim it's a choice? I mean, would you, as a heterosexual man, ever have sex with a man, just cause you could?

Jewish Atheist said...


Obviously having sex with men is a choice. Being attracted primarily to men is not. I don't think I'd ever have sex with a man because I wouldn't want to and it seems kinda gross to me. That's why I think it's not a choice -- I can't imagine that I could choose to be gay if I wanted to.

swurgle said...

I'd like to provide an alternate answer to Asher's question:

Sometimes it takes gay people a while to come to terms with their sexuality. Since the dominant culture presumes people to be heterosexual and children are raised with the expectation that they will be heterosecual, many gay people grow up feeling conflicted and confused, suspecting that there's something wrong with them because they don't feel the same feelings as their peers. As a result some gay people flail around a bit sexually in the hopes that maybe they'll develop an latent attraction for the opposite sex. Few if any do,

swurgle said...

Here's my question Mr. Jewish Atheist:

How can we as atheists do a better job of convincing other people that athiests can be ethical, upright, moral and unselfish people?

asher said...

swurgle has a good the latest survey athiests were considered the most unpopular and least trustworthy folks in america. I sent this report to JA months ago but he didn't comment on it.

Jewish Atheist said...

asher, I don't remember you sending me anything, but I certainly commented on that survey:

Atheists are America's Most Distrusted Minority

Mark said...

How about a column on your take on an atheist (or jewish atheist) view on evil, its existence, cause, and cure.

Anonymous said...

My questions: What role should Judaism play in the modern world? If atheism or agnositicism were the norm, would there be any benefit to maintaining some of Judaism's traditions? Is there a good reason for a Jewish atheist to marry a Jew as opposed to someone from another background?

My answer is that relatively secular Jews have created a culture of learning that has led to significant contributions in many areas of life. What I can't decide is how much this result depended upon its religious ingredients, but some aspects of the tradition might be worth maintaining. To that end, this might be a good reason for Jewish atheists to retain parts of their Jewish identity, marry another Jew(ish atheist), and raise Jewish (atheist) children.

I look forward to your response. Great blog!