Monday, May 15, 2006

Need Some Proportion?

Proportions - How Small We Are

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Sadie Lou said...

The sun is huge.

Orthoprax said...

Imagine, the Sun pumps out so much energy, light, and heat in all directions and only a billionth of it all actually hits the Earth. Wasteful.

Anonymous said...

We only receive 1/10th of 1% of the Suns energy.

Orthoprax said...


No, it really is closer to a billionth, some sources may be more precise and say it's half a billionth. Your call.

Ben Avuyah said...

I just read Dava Sobel's book on the solar system (it was average) but she went through a nice review of how some of the planets were discovered....very interesting stories !

Some Guy said...

Fantastic picture. I could look at it for hours. And I will. Saturn looks frumpy without its rings, however.

Kyaroko said...

You know, I never had any reason to learn the names of the planets in Japanese. This is fascinating!

Venus is the Gold Star
Mars is the Fire Star
Mercury is the Water (liquid) Star
Pluto is the Dark Star
Jupiter is the Wood Star
Saturn is the Dirt (soil) Star
Uranus is the Star of the Emperor of Heaven
Neptune is the Star of the Emperor of the Sea (just like in the Greek mythology)