Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Rotating, Orbiting Earth is a Factless, Observation-Denying Deception

WHAT IF - God has allowed the deceptive power of Satan to be great enough thus far to prevent Creationists (and other believers in Bible inerrancy) from seeing that Copernicanism--just like evolutionism--has NO scientific proof whatever to support its "science-fiction" claims?

A good question. From FixedEarth.com. I'd like to say this post is a parody in honor of Purim, but the site seems like it's for real.

Some more questions:

WHAT IF - Galileo offered no proof whatsoever for heliocentrism but did all he could to elevate secular science over Bible science, thereby contributing greatly to the establishment of the mindset that later served evolutionism so well?

WHAT IF - Creationists can know that Copernicanism is the demonstrable precursor of evolutionism both as Bible destroyer and as the guarantor that the anti-Bible false science establishment would become modern man's criterion of Truth Itself?

WHAT IF - the Bible teaches a stationary earth (just like everyone agreed it did until Copernican and finally Newtonian "mathematics" scared the churches into thinking that "science" had proof of heliocentricity)?

And that's just a few of them.

For your convenience, the site has been organized into twelve subject areas with at least ten articles each:

1) The following subjects confirm that the Copernican Model of a rotating, orbiting Earth is a factless, observation-denying deception that is the keystone which is holding up all of modern man’s false "science" and "knowledge".

2) Without alleged billions of years there would be no evolution "theory". Period. NASA and its global Space Agency Clones now supply those billions of years.

3) Trapped by their own words and deeds, anyone can discover how a Virtual Reality evolved universe has been consciously fabricated through "reconstructed math", computer manipulation of telescopes and cameras, lies about star distances, and endless assumptions...all dependent upon the vulnerable Copernican keystone.

4) In addition to the ongoing irrefutable evidence which exposes the 15 billion year evolution model as a contra-scientific fraud, the most lethal fact about that model has only recently emerged.

That fact tells all with ears to hear that the "creation scenario" from a "holy book" of the Pharisee Religion has been foisted upon the world disguised as a secular science model with no religious agenda.

5) The Bible teaches that the Earth is stationary and immovable at the center of a "small" universe with the sun, moon, and stars going around it every day. All observational and experimental evidence--and non-occult math, i.e., true science--supports the Bible teaching.

6) The Evolution Monopoly in public education in the USA can now be ruled unlawful under the same "Establishment Clause" of the Constitution that has been used consistently to defeat all challenges to that Monopoly in the Courts. These three links set forth an air-tight legal case for expelling Evolutionism from the schools.

7) Because of their total pro-Israel theology, the powerful "Christian Zionist" evangelical churches are, by default, the biggest supporters of the Talmud/ Kabbala-based Pharisee Religion. That Religion is killing Bible Christianity with: a) its evolution-based "creation model"; b) its control over demonstrably anti-Bible "Dispensationalist" doctrine of a literal Millennium. The Preterit alternative is also an anti-Bible decoy. The Kabbala and the Talmud--anti-Christ "holy books"--are the hidden destroyers of Bible-only Christian theology and morals and ethics.

8) The excuses Christian Churches have used to avoid standing up for numerous and abundantly plain non-moving Earth Scriptures--and the true science that supports those Scriptures!--are no longer valid excuses. The fact that the Pharisee’s evolutionary 15 billion year Big Bang Model has come out of the closet with its anti-Bible "creation scenario" leaves no more wiggle room for Christian Churches...and especially the "Creationists" in them.

9) A few examples (out of millions!) which show unarguable Design in the Animal world, the Physical world, and the Bible.

10) These links are pertinent to the subject of Islam in these troubled times.

11) These are just four miscellaneous links on the web page which relate to the Roman Catholic Church.

12) When the Pharisee Religion’s evolutionary "creation scenario is exposed during the Biblical Fall of Babylon time frame, many other contra-Scriptural teachings will come under the same withering Bible-only scrutiny...and will quickly fail the test. When the "Judgment [that] begins at the house of God" is over, the purge of all doctrines that fail the test will be completed, and the nucleus of the final Church--the Bride of Christ "without spot or wrinkle"--will emerge.

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Foilwoman said...

Well, they've convinced me!* The Earth is immobile. Evolution didn't occur. Scientists are imps of Satan. Why didn't I see this before?


Foilwoman said...

He's also a truly loathsome anti-semitic loon, btw, and I quote:

'Einsteinian Relativity is anti-Biblical, but it is not a wholly secular concept. Indeed, it is an essential part of another "creation account" given in another "holy book", i.e., the Kabbala. This "holy book", with its 13th century Rabbinical concept of a "Big Bang-Expanding Universe" (HERE), is an instrument of another religion which--along with the Talmud--specifically targets the Bible--and especially the New Testament of Jesus Christ--for destruction.

'6) It is a surpassingly interesting "coincidence" that the Kabbala also describes, Zionism, and Dispensationalism (HERE & HERE).
'Anti-Bible, anti-Jesus Kabbalism/Talmudism rules modern man’s "knowledge". (emphasis added)


I was laughing at his (her? let's not be biased! Women can be loons too!) whack-based logic and self-deception that seemed non-reality-based enough to be classified as psychotic, until I got to the piece of crap (actually, others first, but that kind of did it for me) above. Lovely christian, using the brains his god didn't give him for . . . what? And people wonder why I doubt (pretty much in a knee-jerk reaction) absolute believers.

Anonymous said...

Aha ha ha ha ha ha ahahahahahahahahahahaha...Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaa..........aaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (splutter, splutter) ahahahahahahahahahahaha, please stop, no, its too funny.. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Sigh.

People take religion far, far too seriously and then comment upon subjects that they have absolutely no comprehension of (reality in this case)

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

The Jewish Philosopher probably agrees with more than half his points:)

Jack's Shack said...

Where is my tinfoil hat.

asher said...

And now...who said this one:

There is something facinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such trifling investment of fact"

Guesses please.

Juggling Mother said...

LOL! I love it:-) i have posted a link at some of my "favourite" creationism sites:-)

Foilwoman said...

Well, how does this guy's belief system differ from any of you out there who believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of the divinity you believe in and worship? Or do you agree with him?

oracle25 said...

*sigh* Sometimes I really get tired of atheists invoking nonexistent contradictions between science and the bible. It really gets annoying after a while.

For those of you who don't know, the bible never teaches that scientists are "minions of Satan" or that the earth is at the center of the universe

Foilwoman said...

Oracle: We're not saying (atheists), the incredibly devout and apparently insane author of the anti-evolution and anti-Copernican website* JA linked to says that. Don't blame the atheists: this guy is a Christian, by his own definition.

*I really do hope the whole site is joke, but the anti-semitism part really isn't funny.

asher said...

Not even one guess?

Anonymous said...

Aimee Semple McPherson or Albert Einstein? One or the other.

asher said...

How about your favorite anti cleric atheist: Mark Twain

dbs said...

Okay, you jest. But when I was 'leaving' orthodoxy, I went out and loaded up on books about cosmology. It's not that we're taught that the earth is literally stationary and/or 5700 years old - there's wiggle room for science. But there is an overall feeling that the science used is highly speculative and draws broad conclusions from sketchy data.
After all, do any of you know how star distances are calculated?

Foilwoman said...

Asher: See what a broad-minded man Mr. Clemens was? He can make fun of anybody, anytime, anywhere. And he wasn't bitter like Ambrose Bierce or H.L. Mencken.

DBS: You're right. I have no idea how star distances are calculated. All I know is that geeky guys, like the dual physics and astronomy major I dated in college (thank you John Senlin*, for getting me through Calculus: a big kiss to you from the blogosphere) know how, and they aren't that whimsical about stuff like that. They're deadly serious.

*A pseudonym. He'd be embarrassed.

asher said...

Dated in college...LOL

Useless Man said...

Next we'll find out the world is still flat too...

It isn't, is it?

oracle25 said...

Next we'll find out the world is still flat too...

It isn't, is it?

No. The fact is very few people in recent history actually believed that (despite what Richard Dawkins Might tell you).

Take this quote from Rodney Stark, a professor of sociology and comparative religion at the University of Washington, in his book For The Glory Of God

‘Even children know that in 1492 Christopher Columbus proved the world is round. They also know that he … [faced] years of opposition from the Roman Catholic Church, which ridiculed all dissent from the biblical teaching that the world is flat. …

Like everyone else, I grew up with this story. It was retold in every account of Columbus’ voyage in my schoolbooks, in many movies, and always on Columbus Day. As for A.D. White’s immense study, A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom (in two volumes) when I was young, it was required reading … and I cited it in my second published paper....

Trouble is that almost every word of White’s account of the Columbus story is a lie. Every educated person of the time, including Roman Catholic prelates, knew the earth was round. … So why didn’t we know they knew? Why do only specialists know now? … White himself admitted that he wrote the book to get even with Christian critics of his plans for Cornell. … many of White’s other accounts are as bogus as his report of the flat earth and Columbus. The reason we didn’t know the truth is that … for more than three centuries [the claim of inevitable and bitter warfare between religion and science] has been the primary polemical device used in the atheist attack on faith. From Thomas Hobbes through Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins, false claims about religion and science have been used as weapons in the battle to “free” the human mind from the “fetters of faith”.

Sorry, it's kinda long..

Sadie Lou said...

*see my blog for a brief description of a fun blogger's game that I think you would have fun with.
It's called "5 Friends".
I also just want you to see the picture I chose for your personality.

Juggling Mother said...

"the bible never teaches that scientists are "minions of Satan" or that the earth is at the center of the universe

but it implies that the Earth is flat and the Church as a body has certainly had some well publicised issues with any scientific knowledge being gained/increased!