Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Behe Responds to the Kitzmiller Decision

ID proponent Behe responds to the Kitzmiller decision (previously discussed here and here ). Specifically, he responds to the Court's finding that "intelligent design (ID) is not science."

Here is his conclusion:
The Court's... reasoning is premised on: a cramped view of science; the conflation of intelligent design with creationism; an incapacity to distinguish the implications of a theory with the theory itself; a failure to differentiate evolution from Darwinism; and strawman arguments against ID.

Via The Panda's Thumb, who points out the following:

Most often, Behe’s answers consist of simply repeating the arguments he made at trial, as if the Judge was just hard-of-hearing instead of utterly unconvinced by them. And when Behe does try to explain himself, the outcome is often worse.

But go ahead, read it for yourself.


Sadie Lou said...

aren't you just preachin' to the choir now? I thought all of us agreed that ID is not science?

Jewish Atheist said...

:) Well, you did, but not everyone.

Anyway, I posted the decision, so I thought I'd post the response.

(Or maybe I was too lazy to write a post but wanted to post something anyway.)

CyberKitten said...

JA said: Anyway, I posted the decision, so I thought I'd post the response.

..and ID isn't dead... yet... and it's always good for a laugh...

Sadie Lou said...

more of your intolerance?
how boring.