Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Right Wing Media Knows its Listeners are Suckers

Did you ever notice how Right Wing radio shows advertise things only suckers would buy? G. Gordan Liddy advertises for "Natural" Human Growth Hormone, Michael Savage calls himself an expert on herbal remedies, and it seems like half the commercials during Hannity and Limbaugh are for some other "alternative medicine" garbage. My question is the following: do the radio hosts believe in that stuff because they're gullible, or do they just know that their audience is gullible and they're willing to expand their exploitation of them?


BrooklynWolf said...

Well, not that I really want to defend him, but Savage *does* have a PhD in that field.

The Wolf

Possum said...

"Right wing media" accepts the checks from the advertisers. The advertisers pay the big bucks to get the target audience.

I don't hear many (ahem, ANY) big advertisers on Air America, so what does that say about the liberal audience? Wait, I can't get Air America here at all!

Anonymous said...

Savage is awesome!