Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'll be honest, I thought her speech the other day was great. If McCain successfully becomes the anti-corruption candidate with her help, that would possibly distance himself enough from Bush and the Republicans to win. However, he'll now look hypocritical if he makes the experience argument against Obama after officially vouching for Palin, whose sole job as VP is to be ready to step into the presidency "from day one."

And McCain is crazy if he thinks a pro-life woman is going to get Hillary voters just because she has a vagina.


Comrade Kevin said...

McCain had prepared us for an experience versus change head-to-head, which is going to be much harder to make now due to Palin's inexperience.

Mark said...

You miss the point. It's not to capture disaffected Hillary voters, it's to excite and animate the Conservative base, which is less than animated about McCain himself. Viewing the conservative blogs (on RSS), the Gov. Palin pick has done that ... in spades.

So doubt the wisdom if you wish, or perhaps the reason was not the one you assume.

Jewish Atheist said...


I agree with you about the main purpose of the pick. I still think it's going to torpedo his experience attack and it makes him look bad. She's McCain's Harriet Miers.

asher said...

She's actually the american Margaret Thatcher.

I still don't understand all those folks who said if Hillary wasn't running for Pres. or VP they'd rather vote for McCain. There has to be some logic there...was it to get back at Obama?

By the way, I think all of us would like to get JA's take on Obama's acceptance speech in the Temple of Truth. I only read it.

Mark said...

She seems to have a lot more substance than Ms Miers.

Note, if she nullifies McCain's "experience" line of attack, she also nullifies Obama's "change" one.

Rich Perkins said...

first, i think voting for her just because of her sex is about as dumb as voting for Obama because of his race. Vote on ideas you find important and who you think better encompasses them.

second, i think McCain made a huge mistake in that this takes away the experience argument. Sure, it is more important for the president to have experience than the VP, but they should still have some. One of my biggest beefs with Obama is his lack of experience. To some extent, he made up for that with Biden. So now both candidates have an experiences/non-experienced balance.

Finally, I think that this pick does take away from Obama's "i'm an outsider" mantra since she is as well.

in the end, i don't really think anyone gives a damn about the VP and usually just votes for the party they follow first and the presidential candidate themselves second.