Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mike Huckabee Has Been Replaced!

We all know that Mike Huckabee claims to have lost 120 pounds through exercise and diet. Some people out there are claiming that he really lost the weight by having bariatric surgery and is just lying about his hard work. But I've discovered what actually happened.

Ladies and gentleman, the awful truth:

Mike Huckabee has been replaced by actor Kevin Spacey.

Here is Huckabee before the "weight loss:"

Here is "Huckabee" after:

And this is actor Kevin Spacey:

Any questions?

This explains why Huckabee seems like such a nice guy now when he was clearly an insane hatemonger just a few years ago.


JDHURF said...

Lol! The resemblance is uncanny.

Winghunter said...

Why don't people know why he lost all that weight??

His doctor told him he had diabetes so, he then wrote a book about it and went on a crusade to dictate what people should eat and what they shouldn't...this man isn't just scary, he's dangerous.

Just look at his record and listen to what the people of Arkansas have to say about him. ( AR GOP, AR Republicans )

Theresa said...

About his weight loss. That would loosing a pound every 3 days. It takes 3500 calories of exercise or food intake deficient to loose one pound so he was about 1200 calories short each day.

Bariatric surgery just makes it so you can't or won't want to eat much. If he had sufficient motivation or anti hunger meds along with supervision, I don't see why he could't have just eaten like someone who had had the surgery and lost the weight instead of having the surgery.

He had the motivation to not have the surgery because it looks way better for him politically to appear to have willpower, which wouldn't have been too hard if he had a personal weight loss type coach with him 24/7.

Comrade Kevin said...

If I had the money to higher a personal weight loss coach kicking my ass on a regular basis, I'd lose weight, too.

I had noticed the resemblance myself as well.