Sunday, June 24, 2007

Loving Wife Spanking in a Christian Marriage

Here's an interesting site which appears to be created by and for female Christians who are (sexually) into spanking but can't admit it to themselves:
We hope you'll enjoy your stay here. This website was created to provide a home for couples involved in a Christian Domestic Discipline marriage where they might find information and share fellowship with other CDD couples without having to wade through pornographic or warped practices of what God created for marriage...

A Christian Domestic Discipline marriage is one that is set up according to Biblical standards; that is, the husband is the authority in the household. The wife is submissive to her husband as is fit in the Lord and her husband loves her as himself. He has the ultimate authority in his household, but it is tempered with the knowledge that he must answer to God for his actions and decisions. He has the authority to spank his wife for punishment, but in real CDD marriages this is taken very seriously and usually happens only rarely. CDD is so much more than just spanking. It is the husband loving the wife enough to guide and teach her, and the wife loving the husband enough to follow his leadership. A Christian marriage embodies true romance and a Christian man a true hero.

Yes, thank God we don't have to wade through pornography or warped practices! :-)

The friendly atheist demonstrates that this site has more to do with sex than with Christianity, considering they sell crotchless pantaloons, for example. He also quotes a blog post by one of the site's authors:
Okay…last night wasn’t too bad, I guess, though at one point I did think if he swatted that one spot again the spanking would no longer be quiet, despite his use of the “quiet” evil spatula. I know I’m a weinie. He knows that too, thank God, and he loves me enough not to spank me too hard no matter how irritated he is with me. However, last night was enough to remind me to keep up with my duties as his wife. I respond well to discipline. It will be a long time before I slip up on that again.

Too funny.

It's a shame when people can't admit their sexual proclivities to themselves, but you've got to admire their creativity.

Update: Maybe they aren't as deeply in denial as I first thought:
Though we recognize by its very nature this subject can be erotic, we will keep this website as clean and wholesome as possible. However, we will not seek to deny the erotic nature of some CDD marriages as we believe it is a natural consequence of following God's plan. After all, He created eroticism to be enjoyed inside a Christian marriage.


Stephen said...

That's hilarious! It's also the first time I've thought the "Christian" ideal of female submission had a real upside for the wife.

Skcorefil said...

I am so sending a link to that site to my boyfriend!

Reb Shmerel said...

I should start a halacha friendly wanking site.

Jack's Shack said...

That is quite a sight, err site.

Cameron said...

The first good reason I've ever heard for converting to Christianity.

Excellent site - I'll visit more often

Screw Lucy said...

I know, right? It's so obviously Church of Kink.