Saturday, October 22, 2005

I've Been Tagged!

By my blog-pal Sadie Lou.

I'm supposed to list my quirky habits and strange hangups:

1) I'm a tapper. I'm always tapping my fingers, my toes, anything to make noise. This drives the people I love nuts.
2) I'm a clean freak. I have to shower every time I get a little sweaty. This often means twice a day in the summer.
3) Late to bed, late to rise.
4) I recently watched every episode from the first three seasons of Alias on DVD from NetFlix in a few weeks. I'm anxiously awaiting season four.
5) I hate shopping - if I find a shirt I like, I'll buy 3-5 more just like it so I don't have to try on anything else. I stick with the same brand of everything I like until they stop making it.
6) This goes for food, too. I've been known to eat the same thing for dinner every day for months straight. When I get sick of it, I'll switch to something else and stick to that.
7) I'm a man who likes Chick Lit. I'm currently reading The Undomestic Goddess. It's good.
8) I have to pee twice before movies. Otherwise I'm too nervous I'll miss something.

I'll pass this on to JC Masterpiece, Laura, and Orthoprax so they can embarrass themselves too.


dbackdad said...

He-he. Great post. I don't think I'm quite as OCD as you but I'm all over your #4 and #8. I had never watched Alias before last year for one reason or another but then checked out the first 3 seasons on DVD from the local library and watched them in a period of a couple of weeks. Great stuff. And I absolutely hate with a passion having to go to the bathroom during a movie. I will practically piss myself before giving in to the bladder.

Sadie Lou said...

8) I have to pee twice before movies. Otherwise I'm too nervous I'll miss something.

I agree with dbackdad, I will go before I take my seat but if nature calls while I'm in there--it's gonna have to wait. Sounds like you cover your bases in that department too. Man, LOTR almost killed me!
Hey dback--you should do this tag too.
Thanks for taking me up on it jA. That was cool reading a little about what makes you tick besides your usual M.O.

dbackdad said...

Alright Sadie. I'll see what I can do.

CyberKitten said...

8) I have to pee twice before movies. Otherwise I'm too nervous I'll miss something.

Seems we're unanimous.... (grin)

Also agree that LotR almost killed me too... didn't drink anything for a few hours before hand and it caused me to have a KILLER headache... Was far more sensible with RotK...

Laura said...

All right, I did mine. Dunno how "weird" any of them are...

Laura said...

Whoops, the rest of my comment went b-bye..

Chick lit? But not Chick Flix? Just curious. I have to pee before a movie, but I have only once or twice ever had to get up during. Then again, I also don't get a bucket of Coke with my popcorn either.

I'm a tapper too - I don't consider that strange

Jewish Atheist said...

Hey dback--you should do this tag too.

Yes! I should have tagged you too, dback.

Jewish Atheist said...

I guess I like some chick flicks, too, but they can be awfully boring sometimes.