Friday, May 20, 2005


I've realized that since I've been posting so much in response to other people's blogs (particularly Not The Godol Hador) that I might as well Get My Own F-ing Blog.

My relevant background:

1) I used to be an Orthodox Jew.
2) I am now an atheist.
3) I believe that Judaism has a lot of beauty and wisdom, but that it also causes harm.


BrooklynWolf said...

Welcome, Jay, to the blogosphere.

You write that you used to be an Orthodox Jew (but obviously now aren't). You state that Judaism has much to offer in the way of beauty and wisdom, but yet does much harm. Could you please elaborate on what level of observance you do observe (and why you do so if you are an athiest) and what you feel Judaism does have to offer.

The Wolf

Jewish Atheist said...

Thanks for the welcome, brooklynwolf. :)

I am still determining what, if any, level of religious observance I will continue to observe. At the very least, I will continue to participate in a number of culturally Jewish events and observences due to my association with many observant friends and family. For example, I've attended a seder every year and have attended Bar and Bat Mitzvahs as well as brises.

I do not pray, since as an Atheist, prayer doesn't at this point hold a lot of meaning for me. I may keep some aspects of Shabbos since it was such a pleasant experience growing up and is probably good for us. I don't keep kosher.

I believe that Judaism has done a lot to contribute to the ideals of scholarship, social justice, charity, open-mindedness, individuality, pluralism, and iconoclasm. Douglas Rushkoff has written an interesting book called Nothing Scared: The Truth about Judaism, in which he goes into some of these ideas in detail.

There are some issues of morality in which my heart differs from mainstream Orthodox Judaism and on these issues I must go with my heart, for example gay rights, gender equality, organ donation, intermarriage, and possibly stem-cell research and abortion. I plan a post on morality and Judaism in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with your #3.
I'm an Orthodox Jewess, and I think this blog will be fascinating. Thanks for expounding upon your beliefs- there are many of us who will be most interested in reading.

M-n said...

You sound a lot like me. Nearly point for point. I might even be a bit more positive about Judaism.

SAHM4yrs said...

Mis, no you're not. I've seen your work.

Anonymous said...

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